The peat biomass formation processes is very similer to that of any other plant based bomass, such as wood, but the time required for the layers to develop is longer for peat. peat mainly consists of organic vegtation remains that have undergone incomplete anaerobic decomposition in the moist conditions.

Peat briquettes are produced by primary peat seperations for approximately 30-60 cm deep in a swamp with further mahanical molding, and drying. Within a few hours a water resistent layer is formed on the surface of the peat briquttes. Peat s a fuel of even properties, which could be used for heating industrial sites, farms, greens houses and private households. The size of a peeat briquettes may vary; the appropriate size depends on the type of the equipment in use.

Peat briquettes fit wellwith Säätötuli bio burner systems. They can be purchased from Vapo (national bio fuel supplier) and also from private peat suppliers.

High quality sod peat should satisfy the following requirements:
  • Diameter suitable for the equipment in use, 30-50 mm.
  • Humidity less than 40%
  • Clean and weeded (no rocks or other impurities)
  • Calorific value at least 1300 kWh/m3


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