Upon a dermination of the power needs, the power class of the nessessary equipment can be ascertained.

Power requirement calculation is based on:

  • The numers of cubic meters to be heated in the building
  • The intended use of the space

Also note:

  • The amount of hot potable water
  • Ventilation
  • The heating isolation of the buiding
  • The channel heat losts 2 kW / 100 m

Power Consumption Calculator

This calculator will calculate the indicative power needed for your favorite applications. For other potential applications and for a final determination of power needs, it is, how ever, advisable to contact Säätötuli dealers of your own country. Attention! The calculaton formula is made for finnish conditions.

Instructions for using the power calculator:
Enter the values seperated by period, not a comma, for examble, 3.25.
Do not add measurement units after the values.

Enter the room area(m2)Enter the room height (m)Heated room volume (m3)Power
Town house
Workshop/equipment hall
Pig farm

Shed (Heating)

Shed (Water)
Poultry hall
Total power comsuptions (kW):

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