Säätötuli designes and markets bio burner systems. Säätötuli Oy is the leading company in it's field. Our products have gained a reputation of long life and reliable machines.

Säätötuli is a family company and it is located in Kauhajoki town the South Osterbotten. Bioburner systems become popular in Finland and at the same time we enlarge the export of our machines to european countries, like Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, France, Spain and others. Approximately 25 % of our production is exported.

Säätötuli's operations are driven by the desire to improve and innove. We want to emphasize strong product development and ensure that our systems and the entire organizaton serve the needs of our customers in the best possible way. As one of the leading operators in our field, we want to be heavily involved in developments in bio heating by, among other things, participating in national development projcets.

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